Video footage of civilian and military fails

Below are a selection of parachuting videos and some fail to give you an idea and a flavour of what Military and Civilian parachuting are all about. I shall add to the below videos over time.

Injury statistics – According to the latest data, USPA members reported 729 injuries in 2014. With a total of around 3.2 million skydives made that year, that’s roughly 2.3 injuries per 10,000 skydives. A tiny proportion of the total number of jumps.


Below РMilitary parachutist hung up 

Below – Military parachute in twits! This is normal on round parachutes. The idea is to kick out before you hit the ground preferably having released your kit and equipment. It all ended well for this parachutist.

Below РParachutists pack opens prematurely 

Below – A Military parachute jump that went wrong. (Source unknown possibly Spain)

Below – shows a military parachute “malfunction and cutaway”

Below – A montage of Military parachute jumps with some fails