About us

Parachuting expert witness is part of the Precision Airwork group (www.Precisionairwork.co.uk), whose speciality is Aviation and extreme Aerial sports, including Aircraft rental, Aircraft ferry flying, Flying, instruction, Filmwork and coordination. We are a UK-based operation with offices and contracts worldwide.


Parachuting Expert Witness – In all developed systems of law, the evidence of expert witnesses can be crucial to the outcome of a dispute. Nowhere is this more so than in the United Kingdom, where expert evidence has been adduced in court cases since at least the 15th century. Nowadays, it may be required in both civil and criminal proceedings, as well as in arbitrations, before specialist tribunals and for public or parliamentary inquiries. We have assisted the courts in criminal and civil cases involving civilian and military parachuting.


Selecting an expert witness

When selecting the appropriate expert, it is important to be clear about your requirements. It would help if you considered the following, and as you will see under qualifications and history, we have it all:

  • Academic qualifications
  • Membership in professional bodies
  • Previous experience and relevant work as an expert witness
  • Appropriate training as an expert witness

Academic qualifications and Memberships: 

BPA-British Parachute Association (Now British Skydiving), USPA-United States Parachute Association, CAA-Civil Aviation Authority, SIGMA-Tandem Manufacturer recognised course

  1. Chief Instructor/Operations (Military Free Fall School)
  2. Military Parachutist
  3. Military Free Fall (HALO HAHO) Instructor
  4. BPA Formation Skydiving Coach
  5. BPA Parachute Team Leader & Display Jumper
  6. BPA Category System Instructor
  7. BPA Accelerated Freefall Instructor
  8. BPA Advanced Instructor
  9. BPA Advanced Packer
  10. BPA Rigger
  11. BPA Jump PilotInstructor Examiner
  12. BPA Pilot Examiner
  13. CAA Class rating (Flying) Instructor (CRI)
  14. CAA Catagory C Display Pilot
  15. USPA AFF Instructor
  16. SIGMA Tandem instructor
  17. USPA Tandem instructor
  18. USPA Safety and training advisor (S and TA)

Previous Experience

We can provide previous experience to the solicitors of past expert witness cases where we have assisted the court to a conclusion – See Case files.

Preliminary report – We usually get approached to write an introductory essay. This early stage will be for the client’s sole use and legal advisers’ exclusive use. Opinions expressed in such a report may well determine whether the case proceeds. For that reason, we base it on a thorough assessment of the available evidence so we can state our views as fully and frankly as possible. It may be that this is as far as the dispute gets taken. However, if the case is decided to proceed, the action will progress through certain well-defined stages.


Our fees are in our terms and conditions, which will be supplied to the solicitor upon request.